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Facebook for Android gets an upgrade

Facebook for Android gets an upgrade
Android users get better Facebook access

A new version of Facebook for Android has appeared, with the v1.7 update adding a few tweaks to the app.

Some of the changes that have been implemented include improvements to the app's sharing functionality and it is now easier to tag people straight from your smartphone.

The main changes to the sharing part of the app is to do with privacy – you can now toggle the settings on the app to match that of the website. The tagging tweaks now mean you can tag friends and places in posts.


Facebook has decided to give the profile and Group Walls section a re-design as well, and it has also made some improvements to the messages and notifications within the app.

Another small change is that photo browsing is better, as you can now swipe through images.

The Facebook update for Android is part of some significant changes for the social network. Just this week it announced that it is adding a Smart Friends feature to the website.

The update is available from the Android Market now.

Via Eurodroid