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Adidas announces new additions to miCoach range

Adidas updates miCoach running range
Adidas updates miCoach running range

Adidas has launched new products for its miCoach range, offering a rival to the Apple/Nike+ alliance.

The miCoach additions include a new dongle that works with any MP3 player, and a watch for easy checking how awesomely you're working out.

The dongle, called the miCoach Pacer, plugs into any MP3 player and delivers audio coaching in response to heart rate and stride sensors.

It can be synced to the PC to track your runs, and the bundle has been given an early price of £95.

The miCoach watch, called the Zone (no, we have no idea about these names either) also connects to the sensors, but uses a system of coloured LEDs to let you know how your heart is doing, enabling more effective training.

Training lights

It also tells you how many calories you're burning through, although can't point you to the nearest pub when you're shattered from doing that three minute jog down to beach.

"This is all about reaching your next level, whether you want to improve your personal best time, lose weight or want to train for your first marathon," said Christian DiBenedetto, program director, digital sports products, adidas Groups' adidas Innovation Team.

"miCoach acts as your own personal coach who is there with you on every run. It practically does all the thinking for you and knows exactly what you want to accomplish and exactly how to help you get there."

It's been given an RRP of $70 (£43), and will be available in the near future.

If you want to find out more and start creating your own programs, head on over to and get training.