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Logitech Pop Amazon deal lets you control your smart home at bargain prices

With the Amazon Echo sitting under many trees this Christmas, the smart home revolution is in full swing. But if you prefer a more physical touch than all that voice control, Amazon has a great deal on Logitech Pop Home Switch smart controllers.

Linking up with all sorts of smart devices including Amazon's Echo, the Philips Hue lightbulbs, Sonos audio devices and many more, they let you control every aspect of your connected home.

If you're new to the concept, Amazon's slashed the price of beginner kits.

Switched on

There are a couple of deals on offer from Amazon at the moment. For a single add-on Home Switch it's £25.99 (down from £34.99), while the complete starter kit with two switches and a bridge costs £79.99 - reduced from £119.99.

Available in white, grey, coral and teal colours, there should be a style to fit every decor.

And whether you want them on a wall, or sat on a counter top, they can be stuck away wherever you find them most convenient. If you're just making at start with home automation, the Logitech Pop set is a great addition.