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Is getting multi-gadget insurance worth the money?

multi-gadget insurance
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According to predictions by eighties sci-fi movies we should all be cyborgs with bionic eyes and robo legs by now. While that might not be the case, we certainly are carrying a lot more tech with us everyday. From smartphones and laptops to cameras and headphones, lots of us are walking masses of relatively fragile glass and metal which is all worth a lot of money. So insurance cover feels like a must.

Having all those gadgets is enough hassle with just keeping it all charged up, let alone having to worry about making sure each item is insured against damage, loss and other perils. That's one reason why gadget insurance to cover multiple bits of tech might be a good idea. So is multi-gadget insurance worth it for you? Here's what you need to know.

 What is multi-gadget insurance? 

At its simplest multi-gadget insurance is, as the name suggests, a single gadget insurance policy that covers more than one item of tech. Some companies will offer an upper limit on the number of gadgets while others will offer infinite gadgets with a limit on the amount of value the policy covers.

What they all have in common is an easy way to get all your gadgets covered on one simple policy that requires just one payment. This also generally offers a saving per gadget at around 5% on the premium for every gadget added. 

What are the benefits and problems with multi-gadget policies?

The most obvious positive to this all-encompassing insurance is simplicity. You can get cover for lots of items at once and in many cases don't even have to take too much time to describe each one. Prices can be very low too, and coverage extends to accidental damage, breakdown, theft, loss and commercial use, in most cases.

The downside is that you're more likely to need to claim on this one policy since you have multiple gadgets on there. As a result you could end up seeing your premium go up in future. So if you lose or break your phone a lot, for example, it might be worth insuring that separately so the premium on the rest won't go up if you claim. 

How does multi-gadget insurance work?

Most policies will give you a limit on the number of gadgets that sit on the policy, around five on average. This will also limit the amount paid out starting at around £1,000 with an excess of £25 for a cover that costs just a few pounds per month. Some cover more gadgets, say 10, while others offer unlimited gadgets on the policy but at a higher monthly rate plus you get the same top end payout cover.

How much is multi-gadget insurance and where can I get it? 

From around £3 per month to as much as £20 per month - it all depends on the amount of gadgets you wish to cover, their value and the amount of excess you want in the case of a claim.

Check out our guide to the best gadget insurance deals out there right now to find the best option for you.

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