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Croats use FaceBook to protest against PM

It's not just about how many pints the office idiot had last night, you know?

Aside from 'poking', sending virtual cocktails and catching up with people you'd really rather forget, FaceBook also has more significant uses, as seen in Croatia yesterday.

Thousands of Croatian FaceBook users gathered in the capital, Zagreb, on Friday afternoon to protest against the current government – a rally that was organised through the social-networking behemoth.

Protestors arrested

In spite of police crackdowns on anti-government protestors, the masses used FaceBook to call for the removal of unpopular prime minister Ivo Sanader.

The 60,000-strong online group went ahead with the meeting despite the arrest of a man on charges of promoting public disorder by publicising the event online.

Government climb-down

Sanader later forced the police to apologise for the groundless arrest, although several others were also detained in less high-profile incidents.

Whether or not the protestors do get their way over Croatian government policy, it now seems clear that even the most ham-fisted politicians will be forced to listen to the collective voice of the internet.