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Twitter offers HTTPS secure sign-in

Twitter gives us all a little more peace of mind with HTTPS

Twitter users have been given the option to log-in to the site using the same security protocol that protects online banking and shopping sites from hackers.

The HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) sign-in option, which Twitter has been trialing for some time, can be selected from the security settings page.

Twitter hopes that the introduction of HTTPS will reduce the chance that its users' accounts will be hacked by third parties who can exploit unsecured wireless connections.


While the switch to the new system is not compulsory, Internet security firm Sophos is also recommending that Twitter users switch the the new system to protect their account.

"What has happened in the past is that high profile people have had their account snatched," said Sophos' Graham Cluely.

"When that person is someone like Ashton Kutcher who has six million followers, then someone can send a message from them that might be spam or phishing or malware," he said.

HTTPS offers users a secure channel to check the authenticity of a website with approved certificate authorities to give users more safety.

Facebook revealed in January that it also plans to make the switch to HTTPS.