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Spotify Web Player enters public beta

Spotify Web Player enters public beta
Yeah, The Emotions. We're not ashamed

Cast your minds back to November 2012 and you may remember Spotify revealing that it would soon offer a web-based player alongside its desktop and mobile apps.

Today, Spotify started rolling the beta service out to its UK users - unfortunately it's a stripped down version, so all the cool social stuff is missing for now.

That means you won't be able to start following celebrities or showing off your public profile yet, nor even plagiarise your Facebook friends' music libraries from the web interface.

Total eclipse of the heart

You will be able to toggle showing your Facebook friends what you're listening to, though, or hiding that extended Bonnie Tyler-inspired power ballad session from the world by switching to a private session.

Also present is Spotify's What's New tab, search and Spotify radio and, of course, the major benefit is that you don't need to download an app to get playing, just open the site up in-browser and away you go.

If you fancy giving the web interface a go, head over to and log in with your Spotify account.