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LinkedIn gets a makeover for iPad, plus 'Intro' for iPhone Mail app

Redone to better fit iPad user needs

Update: LinkedIn responded with the following comment about an updated Android and Windows app, and the inclusion of LinkedIn Intro:

"For both our iPad app and for LinkedIn Intro, we do not have anything to announce at this time related to an Android or Windows version but as with all our products, we're looking into the best ways to expand these experiences onto other platforms and are evaluating what makes the most sense for our members."

An updated app isn't a great loss for the non-iOS community, though the Intro feature would have been a neat little tool to have.

Original article ...

With all the recent iPad Air and iPad mini 2 madness, people are probably experiencing Apple-fatigue. The folks at LinkedIn aren't in that group.

The professional networking site today refreshed its app for the iPad.

Taking cues from Facebook, the new interface of the app now focuses on the LinkedIn activity feed, where users can now like, comment, share, follow and join right from the feed.

Don't feel browsing the feed? Don't worry 'bout it - LinkedIn wants you to feel like the app is specially personalized towards your needs, so the search bar remembers the places you visit the most and keeps them at the ready for quick access.


There are a few other new tidbits but you can check it out yourself since the app is ready to download now from the iTunes store.

Get introduced

LinkedIn is also releasing "Intro," a new feature that shows you LinkedIn profiles in your iPhone Mail app when writing emails.

Intro essentially lets you screen unknown emails by showing you a summary of the person's LinkedIn profile - assuming they're on the network and have the program installed as well.

We've asked the company for info on the possibility of Intro for Android or Windows phones and if a refreshed tablet app will head to non-iOS devices, and will update this article when we hear back.

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