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Like it or not, Twitter Favorites are dead

Twitter heart
Twitter heart

Favorites are now dead on Twitter, long live the like. In a move that makes the social networking platform look more like Facebook than ever before, Twitter is introducing likes to the platform.

Favorites are now replaced with hearts that turn red whenever you press on them – but it all works much the same.

Twitter Product Manager Akarshan Kumar said in a blog post, "We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers."

Like or love

"The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones."

The update is rolling out across the platform right now but it doesn't seem to be on mobile devices just yet – we'll expect that quite soon.

It'll likely take the third-party Twitter clients like TweetDeck quite a while to update with this as well.