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Facebook adds pregnancy status update

Facebook adds status update for expecting parents

Facebook has added the option for expectant parents to inform their social circle of the good news via a new status update.

The "Expected: Child" update can be added to the profile via the Friends & Family tab within Facebook's edit profile section.

Would-be parents can also add the baby's due date and what they plan to name the new delivery.

The unborn baby appears then on the user's profile next to other specified friends and family members on Facebook.


While this is potentially a nice way for expecting couples to share the news with the people they don't know or like enough to inform in person, it does have its pitfalls.

Most of us would surely consider adding such an update to be tempting fate?

Many people experience the hurt of sharing the dreaded "is now single" news on Facebook, but the heartbreak of having to remove such a post in the event of a miscarriage doesn't bear thinking about.

Add that to the fact that the new baby would now be on Facebook before he or she is even born certainly brings a few ethical issues into play also.

via PCMag