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Amazon's physical 'Dash Buttons' buy you household goods with a press

Amazon Dash Button

With one day remaining before April Fool's, Amazon has unveiled a new gimmick that we're 100% sure isn't a prank: Amazon Dash Button.

The buttons let you order individual products, from Bounty paper towels to Gatorade, with a press.

The idea is you stick them up in your pantry, laundry room or bathroom and give them a tap when you notice you're running low. Amazon then charges your account and sends your order posthaste.

Amazon Dash could potentially make it easier than ever to get certain home supplies - although the absurdity of dedicating an actual, physical dongle stuck on the wall of your home to simply buying rolls of toilet paper has us questioning this a bit.

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Amazon says the Dash Buttons are free for Amazon Prime users - with an invitation. To grab some for yourself head to

This also could be a sort of proof-of-concept on Amazon's part, as the company notes that "developers, makers, and manufacturers can integrate the same service that powers Dash Button into their product or services," with a link to learn more.

We asked the bookseller just to make sure this wasn't a too-real-seeming joke, and a spokesperson confirmed it: this is a very real thing. Oh, joy.