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Casio shows off 2-inch 960 x 540 res screen

It's not how big it is - it's what you show on it...
It's not how big it is - it's what you show on it...

In a world of super-sized screens you have to applaud Casio's brave decision to focus on packing as many pixels into a 2in screen as possible.

Boasting a staggering resolution of 960 x 540 – that's 546 pixels per inch – Casio's small but perfectly formed TFT LCD display is being called QHD, quarter high definition.

To fit that amount of pixels onto such a small screen, Casio developed a proprietary technology that they are calling HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT).

Big hit?

With portable media players and high definition mobile phone screens increasing in popularity, the new screen, which can display 16.8 million colours, could well go into mass production.

Casio as a company has been built on innovation, with the Kashio brothers famously deciding that calculators should only have one screen, and use electricity, back in the 1940s.