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Hitman E3 2015 trailer takes the series back to basics

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After seeing a frenetic and cinematic Hitman Monday, IO Entertainment took to the stage at Square Enix's E3 2015 event to give us a full explanation of the new game.

Agent 47 returns to his life of assassinating targets following the events of Hitman Absolution. Oddly enough, Agent 47 looks younger than he has ever been, but the skilled killer is just as experienced as ever. Players will be able to use subterfuge, disguises, distraction and force to get to their targets.

The biggest new feature is that the game will continue to offer a seemingly endless list of targets and scenarios to play through in a live and ever-expanding world of digital assassinations.

According to Christian Elverdam, creative director of Hitman, IO will release a schedule of missions, hits and other objectives for the Hitman community to complete. In one scenario, all players will be given a chance to take out a target, and no matter the outcome it will be permanently recorded.

The new game will also bring back community-created contracts, further extending the list of assignments for players to complete.

Sony confirmed Monday it is working in partnership with Square Enix to offer PS4 owners a console-exclusive beta beginning December 8, as well as six exclusive new contracts when the game releases in full.

The new Hitman game will also launch on Windows PCs and the Xbox One.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is the Hardware and Roundups Editor at IGN Entertainment. Prior to IGN Entertainment, he worked at TechRadar.