21 of the best iPad keyboard cases: get the right keys for your tablet

3 of the best iPad Mini 2 keyboard cases

The iPad Mini 2 is still going strong, and it can go even stronger with one of these keyboard cases.

1. Arteck Ultra-Thin Keyboard Folio Case

A good keyboard, but not much of a case

Colors: Silver

Very cheap
Good battery life
Looks cheap
Minimal protection

More worried about the keyboard part than the case? Then you might want to check out this Arteck option.

It's a cheap clip-on keyboard with 50 hours of battery life (when actively using the keyboard – you’ll get a lot more in standby).

The main issue is that, despite being called a case, there’s no back to it, so while it protects your iPad Mini’s screen, it won’t protect the rear, but if you just want a cheap way to type this is an appealing option.

2. JETech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Highly adjustable

Colors: Black

Adjustable stand
Bland design
Cramped keys

The JETech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case won’t cost the Earth, but you get a surprisingly well thought out case given how affordable it is.

The highlight, other than the price, is how adjustable your iPad Mini 2 is in the case, as it can be stood in landscape or portrait at a variety of angles.

The case is also designed to offer a reasonable amount of protection, and includes the basics you’d expect, like auto wake/sleep and iOS function keys.

3. Snugg Ultra Slim Rotatable Keyboard Case

As versatile as it is colorful

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Red

360-degree rotation
Lots of color choices
Design won’t appeal to everyone

A more premium option, the Snugg Ultra Slim Rotatable Keyboard Case isn’t cheap, but it is versatile, allowing you to rotate your iPad Mini 2 360 degrees and stand it at a variety of angles.

It also comes in a range of bright colors – though these, coupled with the otherwise plain design, probably won’t suit everyone.

Otherwise, this is a fairly standard keyboard case, but it’s lightweight, just like your iPad, so you can comfortably carry it, and it has shortcut keys to help you navigate iOS.

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