21 of the best iPad keyboard cases: get the right keys for your tablet

3 of the best iPad Mini 4 keyboard cases

The iPad Mini 4's small size means it's not quite as well suited to typing, but that hasn't stopped companies making keyboards for it. These are three of the best.

1. KVAGO Keyboard Case

Cheap and colorful

Colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, Pink

Lots of color choices
Looks cheap
Not a perfect fit

This KVAGO case is worth considering if you’re on a tight budget, as it’s less than half the price of most decent rivals.

It’s also not as good as those rivals, with a plastic construction and a fit that’s not perfectly snug, meaning this won’t offer a huge amount of protection.

But it’s available in a range of colors, automatically sleeps and wakes your iPad and includes function keys to control music and other settings. If you plan to type a lot, maybe spend a bit more, but if you just want something to occasionally tap away at this could make for a great value option.

2. Logitech Logi Focus Case

Keeps your tablet safe and rarely needs charging

Colors: Black, Dark Blue, Violet

iOS shortcuts
Built to protect
Not as premium as some
Looks cramped

The Logitech Logi Focus doesn’t have the most high-end of looks, but it gets the basics right.

There's six months of battery life, iOS shortcuts for speedy operation, and a case that’s designed to protect against bumps, scratches and spills, rather than just house the keyboard.

It’s also available in a slightly wider selection of colors than some keyboard cases and will automatically wake up your iPad when you open it, with the only real problem being the same one faced by any compact keyboard – that it might feel a bit cramped.

3. Belkin Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case

Premium and pricey

Colors: Black

Long-lasting battery
Made of aluminum
Not cheap
Inevitably cramped

The iPad Mini 4 is a bit small to comfortably type on, but if you’re going to try you could do a lot worse than this keyboard from Belkin.

Its aluminum build gives it a shiny, premium finish that ensures it doesn’t look out of place attached to your sleek slate, and with a battery life of up to six months you won’t need to charge it often.

The case is also fairly thin and light, so you don’t sacrifice too much portability, and it can be folded down flat to get the keyboard out of the way when it’s not in use.