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Apple Maps now shows UK public transport information

Apple added public transport information to Maps with iOS 9, but other than London it’s remained absent from most of the UK until now.

From today a new update will be rolling out to users, bringing public transport information for all of Great Britain.

This includes precise location and accessibility information for each entrance or exit at stations, plus timetables, local signage and the ability to route plan, using a combination of trains, subways, buses, ferries and walking, while showing you details of nearby food, shops and more.

More than just a map

With this update Apple Maps should finally begin to live up to its potential as a real Google Maps competitor for UK residents and visitors.

The addition of UK transit information follows widespread transport information for the US, China and Japan. That leaves Apple with a lot of work left to do across the rest of the world, but at least we won’t be late for work anymore.