Your Vizio TV is getting a great free update that makes it much faster to use

Vizio smart TV interface 2023
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We've got good news for Vizio TV owners: the firm has released a new software update for the Home software in all its current models that will make your TV work even better. The update follows on from this summer's interface revamp, which gave the system a Netflix-style refresh, making it much nicer to use – and now it's faster and more responsive too thanks to this latest update. 

According to Vizio, the software update means that your TV will now start up twice as fast, and it'll deliver much faster and smoother switching between apps. It also promises to deliver improved voice and text search, faster recommendations and improved, easier navigation too, boosting the performance of Vizio TVs to match those of the best TVs

How to get your Vizio TV update

The update is rolling out now, as of December 21, 2023, but may take a little while to reach you. Vizio says that software updates to improve performance "will be pushed in the coming months to all 2021 and newer model year VIZIO TVs and select TVs from the 2020 model year." 

Not all TVs will experience the same speeds though. According to Vizio, the quoted double-speed startup time and noticeably faster app switching are specific to the HD D-Series and Full HD D-Series models, like Vizio D-Series Full HD TV from 2021. However the improvements to the text and voice search, which are cloud-based, should apply to all upgraded models (provided, of course, that your broadband is okay, as the processing is happening in the cloud rather than on your TV).

Check out our coverage and reviews of Vizio TVs and home entertainment hardware for more on the latest deals and updates. 

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