We may not see new iPads this week, but Apple could spring a tablet-related suprise

iPad 10.9 (2022) screen at angle
The iPad 10.9 (2022) (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Just a day ago we heard that the new iPad (2023), iPad mini (2023), and iPad Air 6 might all land this week, and the claim sounded credible, with a second source corroborating it. But now two similarly credible sources suggest we won't see new iPads this week after all.

First up we have Mark Gurman, who has a great track record as far as Apple leaks go. In his latest Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Gurman claims that while he’d previously thought Apple might release new iPads in October (which is typical timing for the company), “the latest indications are that it won’t happen this month.”

The wording suggests we might still see new models this year, but not this month, let alone this week. And Gurman also reiterates previous claims he’s made that while more powerful models of the iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air are all in the works (probably for this year), we won’t see any iPads with “updates of any significance” until 2024.

Gurman isn’t alone in now claiming that we won’t see new iPads this week, and the second source suggests we might see something else instead.

An Apple Pencil 3 instead?

Specifically, Japanese blog Mac Otakara (via MacRumors), claims that rather than new iPads, Apple might release the Apple Pencil 3, which would be the third generation of Apple’s stylus, and will reportedly offer interchangeable magnetic tips.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of such a stylus, with a previous leak suggesting that these different Apple Pencil 3 tips would suit different purposes, such as painting, drawing, and technical drawing.

So who’s right? It’s hard to say currently, given that multiple sources have pointed towards new iPads and multiple others have said we won’t see them. On the one hand, October is a month in which Apple has often announced new tablet hardware, but on the other, it’s possible that the sources who were expecting new iPads had simply heard that Apple was making a tablet-related announcement, and assumed that this meant new iPads rather than a new stylus.

The good news is that we should find out one way or another soon. It seems likely that Apple will announce something this week, even if it is just a new Apple Pencil. Either way, as soon as any new contenders for our best iPad list appear, we’ll be sure to cover them in full.

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