Can't wait for They Cloned Tyrone? Here are 4 more great trippy sci-fi movies on Netflix

Yo-Yo, Slick, and Fontaine stand in a silver-colored elevator in They Cloned Tyrone on Netflix
They Cloned Tyrone looks like it'll be a major hit for Netflix in 2023. (Image credit: Parrish Lewis/Netflix)

If you like your films to be multi-hyphenated, such as action-horror-comedy-sci-fi, then you probably can't wait for They Cloned Tyrone to be released on Netflix on Friday, July 21.   

The film, which is a homage to the Blaxploitation movies of the 1970s, mixes horror, humour, satire and action to a hugely entertaining effect in its tale of an unlikely trio battling a sinister conspiracy. It's exactly the unusual sci-fi comedy movie that Netflix needs right now.

But there's a still week to get through before we can devour it, so what can you watch in the meantime to fill that genre-busting gap? If you've exhausted the best Netflix movies already, we have some more suggestions.

1. The Mitchells vs. The Machines

This CGI-action-sci-fi-comedy-adventure from Sony Pictures Animation is an absolute hoot from start to finish. It follows a dysfunctional and cranky family on a road trip that's suddenly up-ended by an unexpected robot apocalypse. If you're a fan of the Spider-Verse movies (whose Phil Lord and Chris Miller produced here) you'll love this too. It's visually spectacular, absolutely packed with gags for viewers of all ages and was clearly made with lots of love. 

2. Annhilation

This time our hyphenates are sci-fi-psychological-horror. Annihilation features Natalie Portman as Lena, leader of an all-woman team investigating the mysterious Area X. Spoiler: it doesn't go well. The Horror Queers Podcast describe it as a "trippy little cosmic horror film [that] managers to awe, horrify and perplex all at the same time. A modern classic", while The New Yorker sniffed that it was "numbingly ludicrous". We're somewhere in the middle – it's not perfect by any means but when it's good it's gloriously gory and quite scary too.

3. Synchronic

This sci-fi horror features two New Orleans paramedics and best pals who are called to a serious of seriously horrible accidents. At first they blame the gruesome accidents on drugs, but it soon becomes apparent that something even more horrible and brain-bending is happening. It alternates between being seriously gloomy and oddly goofy. The Daily Telegraph, for one, was very impressed: it's "shot with a doleful urban grittiness [that] suggests one of Philip K Dick's narcotised mind-benders spliced with the existential gloom of Scorcese's Bringing Out The Dead."

4. I Am Mother

I Am Mother is a cyberpunk sci-fi thriller set after a post-extinction event and featuring Clara Rugaard as Daughter, a young woman raised by an android called Mother (voiced by Rose Byrne). This all seems fine until an unexpected visitor, Woman (Hilary Swank) turns up and makes her question everything she thought was true. 

Despite the sci-fi setting, this feels more like a stage play, focusing as it does on Daughter and Woman's attempts to work out whether they can trust each other. There are nods to Stanley Kubrick, especially at the beginning, and there are some twists that'll have you jumping off the sofa.

Carrie Marshall

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