Invincible season 2 episode 1 post-credits scene explained: what happens to Angstrom Levy?

Angstrom Levy confronts an alternate universe's Mark Grayson in Invincible season 2
Yes, Invincible season 2's first episode has a post-credit scene. (Image credit: Prime Video)

Full spoilers follow for Invincible season 2 episode 1.

After a near three-year wait, Invincible season 2 has finally made its bow on Prime Video – and its first episode wasted no time in setting up one of the titular hero's most notable adversaries.

The season premiere, titled A Lesson For Your Next Life, packs a lot into its 45-minute runtime. Indeed, it picks up in the aftermath of the shocking Invincible season 1 finale, introduces a bolder and "more grounded" multiverse story than Marvel and DC have, and gives us our first look at some fascinating and important new characters.

One of those individuals is Angstrom Levy (voiced by Sterling K. Brown), who long-time Invincible fans have been dying to see brought to life in Amazon's animated adaptation of the beloved comic book series – and with good reason. Angstrom Levy plays a huge role in Invincible's overarching narrative, so his arrival in season 2 is something to get excited about.

Indeed, season 2 episode 1's post-credits scene – yes, there is one – is centered around Angstrom Levy and teases how his character arc will play out over the course of Invincible season 2 part 1 and beyond. Full spoilers follow for said after credits stinger, so turn back now if you haven't watched A Lesson For Your Next Life yet.

Angstrom Levy stands in a room as he's flanked by the Mauler twins in Invincible season 2

Angstrom Levy enlists the Mauler Twins' help with some multiverse shenanigans. (Image credit: Prime Video)

To explain season 2 episode 1's post-credits scene, we need to cover Angstrom Levy's entire arc in the show's latest entry.

At the start of the episode, season 2 of Invincible – one of the best Prime Video shows around – throws viewers for a loop. Its opening scene is set in another universe, where Mark Grayson joined his father Omni-Man's cause to conquer Earth for the Viltrum Empire, with the duo destroying the planet's defences and seeking out any last pockets of human resistance.

One of the last remaining rebels is this universe's Angstrom Levy. Considering that he's watched his whole planet burn – not to mention seeing his loved ones killed by the superpowered duo – it's understandable that he has an ax to grind and wants to stop Omni-Man and Mark once and for all. Unfortunately, Levy – alongside this universe's Robot and Atom Eve – fail to stop the pair. Before Omni-Man and Mark get the chance to kill Levy, though, he's pulled through a multiversal portal.

Angstrom Levy stands in front of some multiversal portals in Invincible season 2

Initially good-natured, Angstrom Levy takes a turn for the worse in season 2's opening episode. (Image credit: Prime Video)

So, who saved him? The Angstrom Levy who exists in the universe that the series is primarily set in. We'll call this universe Invincible Prime from now on to avoid any further confusion.

Invincible Prime's Levy, who has the ability to create portals, has rounded up his multiverse counterparts in his dimension. This benevolent Levy aims to use a device – which has been improved by the antagonistic Mauler Twins, who Levy frees from prison – that'll allow him and his variants to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise to find cures for untreatable diseases, solve world hunger, and find solutions to other intra- and interplanetary threats. If the experiment proves to be a success, he'll send each Levy back to their own reality to make a difference in their universes.

In typical villain-creating fashion, though, the test goes awry. Invincible Prime's Mark Grayson shows up – he's been sent to investigate some unusual activity at the site by government handler Cecil Stedman – and tries to stop the Mauler Twins from carrying out what Mark believes to be another villain scheme. In a bid to stop Mark interfering, Invincible Prime's Levy uses his portal powers to draft in Mauler Twins from across the multiverse, who all quickly overpower Mark.

Rather than simply try to stop Mark from interfering, though, all of the Mauler Twins try to beat him to death. This upsets Invincible Prime's Levy, who tries to remove the device's headgear – which is transferring each Levy's knowledge between himself and the others – despite being told not to do so by Invincible Prime's Mauler Twins. In doing so, Levy causes the device to overload, resulting a huge explosion that seemingly kills everyone but Mark.

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That leads us onto the post-credits scene, which reveals that one of Invincible Prime's Mauler Twins survived, although he's been badly disfigured by the blast.

But he's not the sole survivor. Invincible Prime's Levy is also alive, but the overloaded machine has also disfigured him. His brain has increased exponentially in size and, as the surviving Mauler Twin explains, that's because his head now contains the memories of every other Levy as well as his own. That includes the thoughts of the alternate reality Levy we mentioned earlier, who vowed vengeance on his universe's Mark for destroying his family and planet Earth.

With so many thoughts and personalities rattling inside his head, Invincible Prime's Levy has lost track of which memories are his and which belong to his variants. Enraged, he leaves through one of his portals, but not before ominously vowing to get revenge on Mark. In short: add Angstrom Levy to the list of Invincible season 2's new heroes and villains.

We'll refrain from spoiling anything else to do with Levy from Invincible's comic books, but rest assured, this isn't the last you've seen of him. Stick with TechRadar in the coming weeks to learn more about what Levy has in store for Mark.

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