The best Virgin SIM only deals and plans

Virgin Mobile SIM only deals are better than ever now that they not only keep prices low but also offer speeds of up to 5G across many of the SIM only deals.

You may have already realised that a SIM-free phone combined with a SIM only deal can make you lots of savings.

While Virgin Mobile does offer some great unlimited data SIM only deals, it's the SIM only offerings you're here for. And rightly so with plenty of data filled deals to pick from.

You can grab a great deal right now like the £10 bundle which gets you a whopping 10GB of 5G data along with unlimited calls and texts per month.

Scroll down to our comparison tool to pick out your ideal SIM from various retailers and directly from Virgin Mobile. Or if you want to learn more, head on down to the bottom to check out our Virgin Mobile FAQ.

Is Virgin Mobile a good network?

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Virgin Mobile is an MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator – in fact it was the world's first when it launched back in 1999. This means it effectively rents the hardware from a network that maintains all that kit. In this case Virgin Mobile uses the Vodafone network to offer its connections for HD quality calls.

The network offers rollover data plans that allow you to pocket data for next month, in many cases. Lots of deals also offer free data for messaging on the likes of WhatsApp, Messenger and Twitter.

Virgin Media WiFi calling allows you to use public Virgin Media WiFi to make calls, in a coffee shop, for example.

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Does Virgin Mobile have good coverage?

So while the question about Virgin Mobile offering the best deals is apt, the question here is if Vodafone is a good network. The answer is a big yes when it comes to connectivity and speeds. This is particularly relevant for those in England's capital city as it's been voted the best in test for London for voice coverage.

Virgin Mobile says it offers a 99 percent 4G population coverage. The 5G coverage, at time of publishing is available in over 100 towns and cities across the UK, with more on the way.

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Are Virgin Mobile SIM only deals cheaper than contract?

You might be using an old phone or have a new phone offline. Either way a Virgin Mobile SIM only deal is a great way to breath connective life into that device.

But in the case of a new phone the SIM only route isn't always best for those pricey devices. Whether you're after an iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21 or something cheaper, the deals you can get by simply grabbing a normal two year tariff can be more reasonable in the long run. You can head to our mobile phone deals page to compare contract prices of the latest, greatest handsets around.

Virgin Mobile SIM only deals

What benefits does Virgin Mobile offer?

The 4G and 5G calling of Virgin Mobile is a powerful offering as it means HD quality calls for crystal clear voice. Something that can really be taken advantage of nowadays with better quality microphones and speakers in smartphones and headsets. 

The free Virgin Media WiFi hotspots all over the country are also a useful extra for those that want to save data or know they'll get auto WiFi call switching if needed.

Going abroad you're also covered well with calls, texts and data from your bundle included for over 43 destinations worldwide.

Virgin Mobile also throws in 100GB of Google Cloud storage with many of its deals for free.

What SIM card size do I need?

You don't need to worry about this at all. Whatever you sign up for you'll receive a 'trio-sim'. So whether your phone takes a micro SIM, nano SIM or a classic standard SIM, you're covered.

Virgin Mobile SIM only deals

What contract length should I get?

The Virgin Pay Monthly SIM only deals fall into 12 months or 24 months contracts. Prices for these start as low as £7 per month for unlimited calls and texts with 1GB of 5G data.

For unlimited everything, including 5G data, you'll be paying £25 per month on an annual deal or £20 on a two year option.

SIMO deals with Virgin Mobile

Does Virgin offer 5G connectivity?

As 5G becomes a more prominent part of how we use our phones, more SIMO providers are beginning to offer 5G plans. All of Virgin Mobile's SIM only deals are both 4G and 5G compatible and it simply depends on whether or not you have a 5G enabled handset and where you are in terms of getting a 5G connection.

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