The best Sky SIM only deals in July 2024

Sky SIM only deals offer some of the lowest prices you'll find despite still dishing out lots of data making them some of the best SIM only deals bar none.

Grab a SIM-free phone and pair it with a Sky SIM only deal and you could find yourself making some serious savings on your phone charges.

Sky Mobile is not a great option if you want unlimited data SIM only deals, sure. But you're likely here for the fantastically priced SIM only offerings, anyway, right? You're in the right place if it's lots of data without lots of cost that is the combination you want.

Check below to see our comparison tool which will help you pick out your ideal SIM from many retailer option and directly from Sky Mobile. Or if you want to learn more, deep dive on down to the bottom to check out our very own Sky Mobile FAQ.

Sky SIM only deals: FAQ

Is Sky Mobile a good network?

Sky Mobile won the USwitch Network of the Year award in 2020, which tells you a lot right from the start. This is, at least in part, down to the fact this network offers an impressive 99 percent network coverage in the UK – but more on that in the next section.

On top of that, all the call centres are UK based for quick and clear assistance should you need support at any time. Being Sky you also get some great extras including unlimited data streaming for the Sky apps.

Roll-over data is another big appeal but more on that later.

What network is Sky Mobile on

Sky Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This means it doesn't use its own network. Instead it makes use of O2's coverage, speeds and UK reach.

While O2 does have 5G coverage rolling out, it's not free on Sky Mobile – at time of publishing. But do expect this to be added, likely free of charge, in the near future. For now you need to be a Sky VIP member, or pay £5 extra per month. If free 5G is a deal-breaker then you might want to check out a similar MVNO that offers this, in Virgin Mobile.

Are Sky SIM only deals cheaper than contract?

Got a brand new phone like the iPhone 12 and want to get it connected? Or perhaps you've gone for a budget friendly cheap phone and want that online without spending too much. SIM only can help, but you should know everything.

In the case of a new phone, the SIM only route isn't always ideal for those high-end devices. So if you're after an Samsung Galaxy S21 or something cheaper, the deals you can get by simply grabbing a normal two year tariff can be more reasonable in the long run. 

You can head to our mobile phone deals page to compare contract prices of the best handsets around.

Sky SIM only deals

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What benefits does Sky Mobile offer?

Aside from that 99% coverage in the UK as well as 4G speeds, you also get the very useful free streaming for Sky apps. That means from watching movies to sport, you can do it all for free, without dipping into your data reserve, even when not on WiFi.

The data treats continue with the Sky Mobile Roll feature which, as the name suggests, lets you roll over unused data for up to three years. That or you can cash in spare data to get rewards and discounts.

The UK call centres is also a big plus as that makes this the only network, aside from O2, of course, that offers this service at time of publishing.

What SIM card size do I need?

You don't need to worry about this at all. Whatever you sign up for you'll receive a 'trio-sim'. So whether your phone takes a micro SIM, nano SIM or a classic standard SIM, you're covered.

What contract length should I get?

The Sky Pay Monthly SIM only deals are super simple with just six options to pick from ranging from a £6 monthly deal with 2GB up to a £30 monthly deals for 60GB. They all have unlimited texts and calls and offer the roll over data and unlimited Sky app streaming.

All of these deals are charged monthly and require a minimum of 12 months use.

Do Sky SIM only deals offer 5G connectivity?

Sky Mobile, at time of publishing, does offer 5G. The catch is that you have to pay an extra £5 per month to access it. Unless you're a Sky VIP, in which case you get this as a free extra.

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