Sony Bravia KDL-32EX503
If you are interested in getting Freeview HD then this TV is already equipped with the right tuner

Sony bravia kdl-32ex503 angle

Usually roundly ignored by flatscreen TV makers, Sony has taken the time to fit the KDL-32EX503 with some useful audio.

Don't get carried away and expect home cinema quality – sound here is only just good enough, but that's still an improvement on most sets. Most useful is a 'Dynamic' setting that pushes bass up to acceptable levels for everyday TV watching, while Clear Voice virtually cancels out bass and the Standard setting is similarly thin.

There is a pseudo-surround mode that does widen the sonic landscape somewhat, but it does so at the cost of the lower frequencies.

It may be firmly in the Bravia basement, but the KDL-32EX503 seems fair value to us. Its combination of some useful online features and all-round versatile connectivity with excellent picture quality and a Freeview HD tuner makes for an interesting package for a small room.

The price of TVs with integrated Freeview HD tuners is, it has to be said, artificially high at present and we expect premium prices to drop as the new platform becomes the default.