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You'll soon be able to buy a TV with your Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple has confirmed to TechRadar that goods bought using Apple Pay and the Watch in the UK won't have a limit on purchase cost.

When the Watch was announced alongside the Apple Pay service, it was reported that unlike the iPhone (which uses TouchID to verify identity) the lack of biometric security would mean the wearable would function like a contactless card – limited to £20.

However, Apple told us that as the Watch is securely linked to the phone (requiring a passcode to function when removed from the wrist) the same level of safety can be offered when using the wearable to pay.

Not so fast

It will take a little while for the ability to pay what you want using the Apple Watch to appear though, as many merchants are currently limited to the £20 (although soon to be £30) limit for contactless payments.

This is due to older terminals not allowing higher spends as yet, but new technology is rolling out called the "Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method" which will allow the higher spend on both the Watch and iPhone when using Apple Pay.

It'll also be at the retailers' discretion as to whether they allow the higher limit for Apple Pay - some might not initially be on board with consumers taking a £5000 TV away with a wave of the wrist.

Merchants could take some time to bring the new terminals to their stores as they'll need to replace the current technology, but as Apple Pay arrives in the UK the ability to pay for greater sums securely should see the move happen a little faster.

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