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Oculus denies Facebook-Samsung partnership rumour

Will Samsung produce the consumer version of the Rift?

Last year a report out of Korea claimed that Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg had visited the country to meet with Samsung. The subject of that meeting, it claimed, was virtual reality.

Oculus has already helped Samsung build the Gear VR, but last October's report from The Korea Times speculated that Samsung would further be tasked with building "VR-embedded devices from Facebook's designs, software drawing and content".

The suggestion here, it seemed, was that Samsung would work on devices built specifically from Facebook's ideas and possibly use the social network's software to deliver some sort of 'Facebook experience'. Another possibility was that Samsung was preparing to build the consumer-ready Oculus Rift.

However Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has now told TechRadar that said report was "total nonsense".

Low latency

Of course, we know that Oculus plans to work with Samsung on further products in the future, and there are rumours that the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge will also be compatible with Gear VR (which currently only works with the Galaxy Note 4).

But until we hear otherwise, we've one less reason to worry that Facebook is meddling with what Oculus is doing right now, after it snapped up the VR company for a cool $2 billion almost a year ago.