Twitter launches Bookmarks – an anonymous way to save tweets

Twitter account

Today is the official launch of Bookmarks for Twitter – a way to save tweets for later without actually engaging with them or the person who wrote them.

Your Twitter Bookmarks are anonymous, avoiding the problem of 'liking' a tweet that you find interesting but don't agree with. Bookmarks are totally anonymous – the tweet's author can't see that you've bookmarked it, and there's no way for your followers to find your bookmark list. 

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Bookmarks are being rolled out today for the Twitter iOS and Android apps, the Twitter desktop and mobile sites, and Twitter Lite – the version of the app designed for people with slow mobile data connections.

How to set up a Twitter Bookmark

To bookmark a tweet, click or tap the new 'Share' icon that appears to the right of the 'Like' button. This will let you save it, send it via a direct message, or share it using a different app.

You'll be able to find your bookmarked tweets by visiting your profile.

Via the Verge