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The best gaming mouse for Fortnite

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best gaming mice for Fortnite

In the mad dash to win a Fortnite Victory Royale, you're going to do a lot of looking around. Whether you're keeping your character's head on a swivel to make sure no one is trying to snipe you from a distance, quickly selecting loot, or perfecting flick shots on your enemies, you need to be able to rely on your mouse. That's why you'll want to have the best mouse for Fortnite. 

At the heart of any great gaming mouse is a good sensor that keeps up with your quick hand movements for perfectly tracked aim. Ever seen a pro land a great shot just an instant after spotting an enemy? That's muscle memory, knowing just how far they need to move their hand to get the crosshairs on the target, and they're relying on their mouse's sensor to be as consistent as they are.

Of course, after the sensor, you'll also need to have a mouse that performs reliably in other respects, sending your inputs as quick as possible. A few extra buttons can also help your create shortcuts for your favorite gear slots of building needs. With all that in mind, we've picked out the best mice you can get for Fortnite, whether you need wired, wireless, or just a good deal.

SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse

Best Aim: SteelSeries Rival 600

No excuses, just headshots

DPI: 12,000
Features: Lift off distance detection, customizable weight, 60-million click mechanical switches
Reasons to buy
+Impeccable sensor+Great lighting+Optional weights
Reasons to avoid
-A little expensive

It should come as no surprise that the best mouse in gaming also helps you play play Fortnite at the highest level. The key aspect of the SteelSeries Rival 600 is the TrueMove 3+ sensor. There's little more important to aim than your own skill and the mouse sensor you've got. You want your hand's motion to be translated perfectly into the game, and the TrueMove 3+ sensor can do that while also ensuring that it doesn't track motion when you pick the mouse up.

As if that best-in-class sensor wasn't enough, the Rival 600 has a great design, with dazzling lights in eight separate zones. Silicone grips make it easy to hold, and the split-trigger buttons offer a reliable clicking experience. The three side buttons are just a nice little extra, giving you an easy option for mapping the keybinds for your construction or key weapon slots.

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Corsair Dark Core RGB SE mouse

Best Wireless: Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

All the performance, none of the wires

DPI: Up to 16,000
Features: Qi wireless charging, Interchangeable side grip, Omron switches, Fully programmable buttons, Dynamic multi-color 3-zone backlighting
Reasons to buy
+Wireless connection and charging+24-hour battery+Excellent performance
Reasons to avoid
-Can't be used while charging-Poor spacing of side buttons

If you have a busy desk space, more wires may be the last thing you want. And, with the possibility of mouse wire snagging and messing up your aim, it's reasonable to consider a wireless gaming mouse. It's especially reasonable when they can come as good as the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE. It offers a sensor with sensitivities up to 16,000 DPI, along with a 1,000Hz polling rate and 1ms response times for performance on par with a wired mouse. And, with Qi wireless charging, you never have to plug this mouse in.

The design combines plastics and texted soft touch materials for a comfortable and sure grip. You'll also get plenty in the way of buttons for custom mapping. Beyond the primary mouse buttons and scroll wheel, there's a profile switch button, two DPI buttons, front and back buttons, and a sniper button that can lower the sensitivity instantly for fine-tuned aiming. Although Corsair's customization software isn't the easiest to use, it will let you map the Dark Core RGB SE's buttons to perform different functions, and then you can map them to key controls in Fortnite.

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SteelSeries Sensei 310 mouse

Budget Champion: SteelSeries Sensei 310

Perfection on a budget

DPI: Up to 12,000
Features: Ambidextrous design, one-to-one tracking up to 3,500 CPI, 50-million click life span
Reasons to buy
+Accurate sensor+Reliable design+Fair price
Reasons to avoid
-No braided cable

If you don't want to spend a lot of money but still want a mouse that will perfectly track your mouse movements, this is it. The SteelSeries Sensei 310 features the same TrueMove 3 optical sensor that makes the Rival 600 such an excellent performer. It just lacks the second sensor that gives the more expensive Rival its lift-off detection. If you can live without the second sensor, then you can get a great value on the Sensei 310 with 1-to-1 tracking on settings up to 3,500 DPI.

The look of the Sensei 310 is fairly simple, with an ambidextrous design that sees two thumb buttons included on both sides of the mouse. The primary mouse buttons are split from the body for a reliable and consistent click. And, the scroll wheel has a textured silicone for a sure grip. Similarly, the sides feature soft, textured silicone, so you'll be able to pick the mouse up in the most frantic moments at the end of a Fortnite match without fumbling and missing that game-winning shot. If you don't need the ambidextrous design, the Rival 310 performs the same but with a right-handed design.

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