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AMD launches 690 chipset

AMD has announced its new 690G and 690V chipsets. Boards featuring the new silicon are being announced by manufacturers such as Asus, ECS and Foxconn.

The new 690 chipset is the first AMD branded board tech to come from the company. When AMD bought ATI there was significant scope to produce chipsets, as the graphics company was doing it already. The boards feature an AM2 socket and use ATI's existing SB600 southbridge chip.

The new chipsets support HDCP, D-Sub and TV outputs, while the upper class 690V chipset adds DVI and HDMI. The top board will also have X1250 graphics, as opposed to the X1200 featured in the 690G. Both ATI's video-rendering tech Avivo, and are Windows Vista Premium certified. The X1250 is clocked at 400MHz and the X1200 at 350MHz.

Eight-channel HD audio is included, while AMD demonstrated a four monitor solution running when the 690V was paired with an extra graphics card.

In order to boost recognition of the graphics on the boards though, AMD has said the ATI brand will be preserved as part of the chipset branding.

The 690 goes up against Intel 's confusingly similarly-numbered G965 - although this is heading for replacement soon. However, AMD told it would be competing favourably on price with Intel's solution.