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Software AG releases Intelligent Business Operations Platform

Managing data in the growing Internet of Things market

Software AG has launched its Intelligent Business Operations Platform at CeBIT 2014.

The platform is designed to tackle the growing Internet of Things phenomenon by offering ways for companies to analyse and identify patterns in huge volumes of data, resulting in a complete view of operational and market data.

The Big Data solution minimises resource expenditure and provides businesses a way to contribute to society and the protection of the environment, with movements in areas like lean-carbon logistics, smart power distribution, and eHealth.

The Intelligent Business Operations Platform is three years in the making. It incorporates some of the technology from mergers and acquisitions of firms like Terracotta, Apama, JackBe and My-Channels.

In action

Software AG is demonstrating Intelligent Business Operations in action at CeBIT 2014, where it is showcasing a carbon footprint reduction and the ability to support customers using wearable devices like Google Glass.

"As more and more devices interact we develop a richer, individual digital identity. We develop a personal cloud of big data that we can use to utilize devices in the Internet of Things," said John Bates, CTO for Intelligent Business Operations and Big Data at Software AG.

"What Software AG provides to its customers is the intelligent and location-aware filtering of these personal data clouds. This enables real-time decision making and a rapid business response to individual consumers or to specific operational events."