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HTC tells Asus to back off

HTC tells Asus to back off
HTC is down, but not out

Despite Asus hinting that it is still interested in buying its struggling competitor, HTC has released a statement saying that it wouldn't consider any merger with the company.

It's no secret that HTC has been encountering problems recently, with its share price dropping sharply since it was forced to downgrade its earnings outlook for this quarter.

While HTC is running into trouble, the opposite seems to be true for Asus, with a recent HSBC report suggesting that the company could see an 89% year-on-year smartphone shipment growth in 2015.

Shih shops

Asus has not been clear about its intentions with buying HTC, as last week its chairman Jonney Shih said it would not rule out the possibility, though later Asus clarified it had no current plans to purchase HTC.

It now looks like a merger is definitely not on the cards, with HTC emphatically stating that "[we have] not made any contact with Asus regarding this matter, and... will not consider a merger with Asus."

Seems like that's that then.

Via Yahoo News