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HTC's Sense UI leaks out for Magic and G1

The HTC Sense UI coming to the Magic and G1
The HTC Sense UI coming to the Magic and G1

The Sense UI that debuted with the HTC Hero, bringing increased functionality to Android phones, has been hacked to work on the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Magic phones.

Those of you disappointed that comments from HTC CEO Peter Chou stating the Sense UI will come to the Magic and


turned out to be untrue will be happy to learn that the hacking community has been hard at work to solve the issue.

The port, which is apparently a slightly buggy version as it doesn't allow things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, was created by the XDA Developers Forum, which has been behind some of the biggest software cracks in the last few years.

Makes Sense

However, the move does mean Flash internet browsing will be available on older models, and lands a great blow on the iPhone with its persistent Flash-less-ness.

Given the greater processing power needed to work the Sense UI, which allows up to seven personalised home screen, the G1 apparently struggles slightly, but overall it does add a new level of Android goodness.

There's a rumour of a more refined version in the works, so if you hold your horses you can re-boot your legacy Android phone and imbue it with all sorts of cool new tools.

Via Engadget Mobile