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BlackBerry cancels two BB10 phones along with its 2014 conference

BlackBerry money
BB10 phones and money: two things that don't go together anymore

BlackBerry recently committed to five more years of smartphones, but it also just uncommitted to two BB10 phones it had been planning.

The troubled Canadian smartphone manufacturer wrote that it had "made the decision to cancel plans to launch two devices to mitigate the identified inventory risk."

This information was buried in Friday's dismal earnings report, so it wasn't discovered until today by the Wall Street Journal.

The two BlackBerry phones you won't be seeing were codenamed Café and Kopi, according to unnamed sources that the paper cited.

Chances are you weren't going to see them anyway. These low-cost devices are said to have been destined for emerging markets.

BlackBerry not-so-Live

BlackBerry also uncommitted to holding its annual BlackBerry Live press conference in the new year. It openly admitted this on Friday.

"We're announcing that we will not be hosting a BlackBerry Live conference in 2014," wrote the company on its official blog.

This is significant because BlackBerry has held an event every year since 2002, be it under the BlackBerry Live name or the older, enterprise-focused Wireless Enterprise Symposium moniker.

In the place of BlackBerry Live, it plans to hold "smaller, targeted events" that take place around the world over the next 12 months.

Just don't expect to see any phones named Café and Kopi at these smaller events.

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