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BBX renamed BlackBerry 10 after RIM loses trademark

BBX is dead, long live BlackBerry 10
RIM: x-less

Farewell BBX, we hardly knew ye – RIM has had to rename its upcoming mobile and tablet OS as BlackBerry 10 because the snappier BBX trademark belongs to another company.

Sadly for RIM, the US Federal Court ruled that Basis International already owned the rights to BBX, which it uses for its Business Basic range of software (full name: Business Basic eXtended).

Fans of ancient civilisations will no doubt have twigged that BlackBerry 10 in Roman times would be written BlackBerry X, which is like BBX but with more letters.

Triple X

The name BBX was handy for RIM as it was an amalgamation of BlackBerry and QNX, the OS on which BlackBerry 10 will be based (and the OS that currently runs on the BlackBerry PlayBook).

BlackBerry 10 will see RIM's next generation of smartphones and tablets landing on the same OS, which hopefully means they'll be able to share apps – and other essentials like, say, native email and BBM.

The latest rumours peg the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone as the BlackBerry Surfboard which we're sincerely hoping turns out to be a codename or some kind of sick joke.

From RIM via Engadget