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3 gets its hands on the BlackBerry Bold

3 begins ranging the BlackBerry Bold
3 begins ranging the BlackBerry Bold

3 has announced that it has bagged the BlackBerry Bold for pay monthly customers, coming in at £30 a month and unlimited texts.

The Bold 9000 is the first BlackBerry handset for 3, which has traditionally focused on pleasure mobile users rather than business, and highlights the growing effort from RIM to push its BlackBerry range into the hands of a different demographic.

The Bold will be available with '3 on Demand' video content, 'Books on the Go' for e-reading, and the 3MusicStore to download tracks to a microSD card.

Current bundle

It's available on an 18-month contract, and you also get bundled unlimited email and internet included in the £30 a month deal.

3 is also throwing in its free Skype to Skype call plan, which it announced recently, meaning that it also performs all the functions of the Skypephone as well, should that be your cup of tea, although 3 tell us this function won't be debuting with the handset but is 'coming very soon'.

It's likely we'll be seeing more BlackBerrys and their ilk on a larger range of networks in the coming months, as the line between the traditional 'business' and 'pleasure' handset continues to blur.