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Panasonic's new soundbar is first to support both DTS:X and DTS: Virtual X

Credit: DTS

Panasonic has launched the first-ever soundbar to support both DTS:X and DTS Virtual: X audio, meaning users will have the choice between object-based surround sound and virtual surround sound in one package. 

DTS:X is a type of cinema sound codec that uses object-based audio to position different sounds in a 3D space, much like its competitor, Dolby Atmos

Although it provides an immersive sound, DTS:X requires multiple speakers, including upward-firing tweeters. Of course, not everyone has the space for a full surround sound setup, which is why the inclusion of DTS Virtual: X in the Panasonic HT-SCB01 is so exciting.

Virtual sounds

Instead of physically assigning sound to different speakers, DTS Virtual: X electronically simulates the sound of a full surround sound speaker setup, without the need for multiple speakers. 

So, in theory, you can get the full cinematic sound experience by using your soundbar alone. 

The soundbar itself will initially only be available in Japan, with no word yet on pricing or an official release date. 

We have seen soundbars that feature DTS Virtual: X before; Yamaha released the MusicCast BAR 400, a $499 (£500 / AU$800) soundbar with Hi-Res Audio support up to 192kHz with 24-bit resolution, virtual DTS:X support and MusicCast multi-room audio functionality.