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Vine's website now lets anyone search for six-second vids

No more login wall

Remember when you could only browse YouTube after you made an account? Or how about that time you could only see a friend's picture on Facebook because you got a direct URL instead of simply browsing your feed?

Of course you don't. That never happened.

In a blog post today, Vine announced that the web version of the popular mobile app is finally getting a major usability upgrade that will allow visitors to peruse the site's six-second videos without being a registered member.

Concerned about your videos appearing on the home page? Don't be. Private vines will still stay private, and Vine won't allow unregistered users to re-vine - essentially retweet - a registered user's vine.

Also announced was the addition of featured content that will highlight specific users, channels and best-of videos curated by a team at Vine.

The king of swing

These sound like simple things really, but then again, this is coming from the company that just implemented profiles in January.

It's been a big year for the Twitter-owned content-sharing site. It added direct messages earlier this month, and even took a hardline stance against porn to avoid getting chopped by Apple's App Store.

Figuring out what the public wants, especially in cases where they didn't even know they wanted it, is a crucial part of growing the business, and Vine's latest update makes it seem like they really have a handle on it.

The mobile version of Vine is now available in the latest version of the Vine app on iOS and Android.