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Facebook relaxes its privacy options

Facebook adds Everyone privacy option
Facebook adds Everyone privacy option

If you can tear yourself away from the many 'I hate the new-look Facebook profile' groups on the social-networking website, you may have noticed that the privacy options on the website have been relaxed, so those who want to flaunt all their information to the public at large can do so.

Previously, even if you didn't make your profile information private, prying eyes who weren't your friends couldn't view any details about yourself other than a thumbnail pic, what friends you had in common and your friend list.

Everyone happy?

Now you can pick and choose what relevant information you want made public and shared with a broader audience.

Mark Slee, an engineer at Facebook, said on the website's blog: "Many of you have explained that you want to open parts of your profile to a wider audience. Starting today, you can choose to make your profile and any of your content available to everyone on Facebook.

"None of your existing privacy settings have changed. This is an additional setting for those of you who wish to share with a broader audience."

The way to let more people view your profile is by going into your privacy settings and clicking on the Everyone option.