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Facebook launches its own 'retweet' function

Facebook is on the retweet
Facebook is on the retweet

Facebook has once again shown it is playing catch-up to Twitter in the functionality stakes, with the soft launch of its own retweet function – which it's called Share.

Up until now there has been no way to share other people's status updates with the rest of your friends, but Facebook has decided to change this by adding some new functionality which will sit next to the Comment and Like buttons at the bottom of a post.

Share and share alike

Interestingly, the Twitter retweet was originally started by users of the site who felt that a particular tweet needed spreading to the masses.

Now that Twitter has actually made the option official, it does seem that a lot of people are shunning this method for the plain old RT.

Facebook will be hoping that sharing posts will give users yet another reason to come back more and more – much like the gravitational pull Twitter seems to have with its users.

Other quite recent additions to Facebook – which remarkably resemble Twitter – are status tagging and the Live News feed.