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AMD LiquidVR aims to make better virtual reality ... on AMD hardware

AMD LiquidVR

AMD, too, is dipping a toe into virtual reality, the company announced today at GDC 2015 - but thankfully not with yet another VR headset.

Instead, the component maker's VR initiative involves a development kit called LiquidVR, which it hopes will enable developers to make better virtual reality on AMD hardware.

AMD says LiquidVR lets developers make virtual reality with less latency and better comfort and performance, as well as plug-and-play capabilities for a variety of VR headsets.

"Content, comfort, and compatibility are the cornerstones of our focus on VR at AMD and we're taking a big step in all three areas with the introduction of LiquidVR today," AMD Corporate Vice President of Visual Computing Raja Koduri said in a press release.

The company has partnered with Oculus Rift and other "key VR developers" to further improve its initiative, of which LiquidVR is only the first part.

An alpha version of the LiquidVR dev kit is available to registered developers starting today.