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AMD's dual-chip 7000 series incoming

AMD has confirmed that its upcoming 7970 and 7950 graphics cards will come in dual-chip varieties.

The doubled-up variant, which could end up branded as the Radeon HD 7990, will be codenamed New Zealand in keeping with the AMD's island-based nomenclature.

Based on a 28nm architecture, the 7000 series is said to be AMD's fastest chip so far, beating its current top-of-the-range 6990.


The singular cards are scheduled to be released in Q1 2012, with the dual-chipped card following shortly afterwards.

Nvidia is also working on a 28nm dual Kepler card, which we can expect to see around the same time.

There's no word on pricing yet, but it'll probably join the 6990 in the megabucks £500+ ($796+) bracket.

Although we were impressed by the 6990's performance, the extreme pricing was a big minus point. AMD could make the 7000 series more affordable - but we doubt it.

via Fudzilla