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AMD welcomes competition from ARM

AMD: No ARM in a bit of competition
AMD: No ARM in a bit of competition

AMD has welcomed the increasing influence of ARM in the chip market, believing that the extra competition will benefit everyone.

AMD's vice president of marketing Leslie Sobon told TechRadar that ARM and the legion of products taking advantage of the British company's chip designs are driving more innovation from the traditional computing giants.

"The X86 and ARM competition is fascinating," said Sobon.

"[It brings] new competition, different competition, different technology, different form factors and the end user will benefit from all of that."

On their toes

"It keeps everybody on their toes, it drives for greater competition and it makes everybody better, so it's a good thing," Sobon added.

"We're all going to win - both the ARM industry, and the X86 platform - but most importantly the end user is going to win."

The X86 architecture has been dominant since the late 1970s - a staggering amount of time in the world of computing - with Intel's 8086 setting the standard for the likes of AMD, VIA and Cyrix.

However, ARM's large mobile market share is beginning to spill into computing – with a trickle of devices likely to become a flood of netbooks and tablets in the coming years.