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There are almost as many Spotify users as people living in the UK

A lot of people still pay for music. Who knew?

For most of us, New Year's Eve was about fireworks and pointless resolutions. For Spotify, it was about hitting yet another impressive milestone: 15 million subscribers and 60 millions active users.

To put that in some context, the company hit 12.5 million subscribers back in November 2014, however that means the number of paying users is still fixed at 25% - so a lot of people are still taking advantage of free music.

Nonetheless the music streaming service is seeing some impressive acceleration. In 2013 it had just 6 million paid users, and reached 10 million in May last year.

Spotify made today's announcement in a short blog post aptly titled '15 for '15'. Of course, the service is yet to roll out to a number of countries, so we expect there'll be a few more milestones hit this year.

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