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If Fossil's Q Founder is to be judged only by its looks, it'd be fair to say that it's a winning debut. But as there are many more factors that go into play with a smartwatch, and at that Fossil's Q Founder gets knocked down a bit.

This Android Wear device one-ups the competition with a hearty increase of RAM and a clean look, but it falls victim to many of the common trappings of the modern Android Wear wearable.

We liked

Of the many Android Wear smartwatches to come out donning the classic look of standard watch, the Fossil Q Founder is one of the more regal. The fact that it comes with a stainless steel band for $295 (£279, about AU$382) is a sweet perk that it has over many of the other options.

Speaking of perks, cross-compatibility function with Android and iOS is welcomed. This growing trend of iOS-compatible Android Wear devices means nothing but good for those who aren't interested in Apple Watch, so long as they don't mind a limited experience compared to what Android users will find.

We disliked

Fossil's debut has a lot going for it, but its potential is hindered by a number of things. First off, your mileage will vary not just with Android Wear, which is different depending on which phone operating system you use, but also because of its battery life.

Granted, these are problems that we've seen in a large number of Android Wear smartwatches, but that doesn't grant Fossil a pass. Fingers crossed that it will receive Android Wear 2.0, which hopefully will remedy some of the low points of the experience across the board for devices, including this one.

Lastly, this may not be issue for you personally, but the style won't work with everyone. Not to mention its large, heavy size, the all-steel look might not jive with some. However, swapping out bands lessens the intensity of the Q Founder's executive stylings.

Final verdict

If the Android Wear smartwatches to come out since 2014 haven't yet moved you to open your wallet, I have my doubts that the Fossil Q Founder will do anything to change that. It's more of the same on the software side, which you can get on any Android Wear device. Unfortunately, you'll also be getting the same unforgiving treatment of a wearable-sized battery here, too.

Inherent flaws aside, the Fossil Q Founder is a competent, if uninspired, addition to the Android Wear family. This wearable proves that they are getting more streetwise with each release, but one too many puzzle pieces are missing here. From the hefty case size and the flat tire on the display to the poor battery life and cheap charging dock, these flaws only work to lessen Fossil's bite on the smartwatch market.