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A simple yet capable VPN proposition

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WASELPro provides pretty much everything you’d expect from a good VPN - ease of use, access to popular streaming channels, support for torrenting, perfect anonymity, and high speeds. It does, however, have a very small number of servers, lacks details on its no-logging policy, and is a bit on the expensive side.


  • +

    Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer

  • +


  • +

    Has a free trial

  • +

    Solid speeds


  • -

    No refunds

  • -

    Privacy policy lacks detail

  • -

    Not many servers

  • -

    A bit pricey

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WASELPro is a Netherlands-based VPN (opens in new tab) provider that ensures top privacy and solid speeds, and which you can try for free. It offers its users a small choice of servers but it’ll get you access to Netflix and unrestricted P2P file exchange. However, if you’d like to get your hands on the best VPN service (opens in new tab) in the business, make sure to check our buyer's guide (opens in new tab).


WASELPro offers several subscription options to anyone interested in buying its services. They include the 1-month option charged $9.99, the 3-month subscription at $27 (equals to $9/month), the 6-month one at $50 ($8.33/month), and the annual package which will get you the biggest discount at $90 ($7.50/month) but still placing it in the group of more expensive VPNs. 

Under one account, users can run up to six concurrent connections per protocol, with no restrictions or fair use policies.

The company accepts payments via credit cards, CASHU, OneCard, Paypal, WebMoney, Moneybookers, and Western Union (if you’re signing up for the annual package). No cryptocurrencies are accepted, which might not be ideal for everyone, as cryptocurrencies are often a good way to retain anonymity when paying online.

As of September 2019, WASELPro doesn’t offer any refunds, in an effort to protect its network from abuses. However, the website does state that “refunds might be possible in case you provided a proof that you have significant problems using the service but with no guarantees of a refund.” So refunds aren’t entirely off the table, just not guaranteed.

That said, WASELPro does have a free trial you can use to see if it suits your requirements before deciding to purchase it. Specifically, it can be tested every day for a limited amount of time (30 minutes).

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While WASELPro is a good VPN, it does have shortcomings in aspects where premium VPN providers like ExpressVPN (opens in new tab), Surfshark (opens in new tab), NordVPN (opens in new tab) and VyprVPN (opens in new tab) do not. For instance, all of them have much larger server networks and have put their no-logging claims under the scrutiny of independent auditors (successfully passing all the tests). Also, they offer refunds, which isn’t the case with WASELPro.


Providing means to access the most popular streaming channels often blocked in certain geographical areas is a very desirable feature in this industry, and WASELPro excels in it. It will enable you to unlock Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ABC, Amazon Prime Video, and more, with no problems. Simply connect to the server in the location where the desired content is available and you’re good to go.

About the company

WASELPro VPN is published by iElement B.V, a company with headquarters in the Netherlands.  Although the website looks a bit old-school (as do the apps), it is accessible in 11 different languages, making it easier for potential and current buyers to find all the information they need.

Going for this VPN provider will get you access to around 40 servers in more than 20 locations around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Japan, and India.

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Privacy and encryption

To protect your privacy, the platform uses several protocol combinations - L2TP, OpenVPN Shadowsocks, and OpenVPN over SSH connections. The ShadowSocks Proxy is recommended for streaming only as its focus isn’t on privacy and security as much as the others’. There are some extras as well, in the form of a Smoke Tunnel option where you can turn on the VPN throttling protection over UDP, TCP, or both.

The kill switch, a safety mechanism that cuts off your Internet access when the VPN connection drops to protect your data from leaking, is off by default in the Windows client, but it’s easily turned on in the client’s settings. The same goes for the IPv6 leak protection.

WASELPro also offers Wi-Fi/hotspot protection and you can safely exchange large files via P2P and torrenting clients with no limitations, under all of its VPN subscription packages.

The vendor states it has a no-logging policy but fails to detail it. This is a slight disadvantage as we have no way of knowing what kind of data is covered by this policy, nor do we have any outside confirmation, like an audit, that would attest to the company’s no-logging claims.

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WASELPro has user-friendly and light-weight clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, all of which can be downloaded from the website and easily installed on your device(s). The clients may look a bit obsolete but they hide decent power, as we’ve witnessed in our testing.

The mobile apps have quite a good standing on their app stores, with the Android version being rated with a solid score of 4.4 by 3,539 users - out of more than 100,000 that have installed it. Different language versions of the iOS app have all been rated with a score above 4.0. 

Additional devices can be covered by this VPN, even if they don’t support VPNs themselves. This can be done by some tinkering and manually installing the platform on your router, for which you can find instructions on the provider’s website. 

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, as well as through remote assistance via TeamViewer for any unusual issues. We had some questions for the customer support and received precise answers in under a minute. Feel free to also reach out via email support@waselpro.com or a web form, although you’ll need to create an account to use the latter. The website itself is quite a good source of information, with detailed answers to FAQs and service manuals, and images accompanying every step of the process.

Speed and experience

When testing WASELPro through the fastest server for our location, we received some impressive results. Specifically, the server in France delivered download speeds of about 30Mbps on our 55Mps testing connection, while the speeds for more distant locations faltered slightly, such as the 18Mbps for the server in California, USA.

Setting up and using the platform was incredibly easy and intuitive, following all the steps with a simple installer, and connecting with one click to the server location. We only had a problem with the fact that you can’t easily switch between servers when connected - you first have to disconnect the current server and then pick out a different one to connect to.

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WASELPro hides a capable platform underneath its outdated surface. Not only does it provide outstanding protection against snoopers, excellent speeds, and support for all the torrenting you want, but it also removes the pesky blocks imposed by popular streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer in an effort to limit their use in certain regions. 

Sadly, it doesn’t provide many details or evidence about its no-logging policy unlike a service such as ExpressVPN (opens in new tab) that is fully dedicated to transparency and has opened its doors to independent auditors.

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