ZTE F930 review

Another low-cost touchscreen handset hits the decks

The definitive ZTE F930 review
The definitive ZTE F930 review

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ZTE f930

The ZTE F930 is a low cost handset, and our initial expectations weren't all that great. There were some let-downs to be sure, but in some respects we were pleasantly surprised.

No, there's no Wi-Fi or GPS, and the general usability suffers a little because the small screen makes it tricky to enter text.

But there are some plus points, such as that neat timer in the music player and the way you can get notifications and an app switcher by holding down the Menu button.

The ZTE F930 certainly isn't going to blow you away, and if you shop around you can find last season's handsets that offer a little more at a similar price, but even so, we can't help liking what we see.

We liked

The ZTE F930 sports a neat physical design and the build is fairly robust considering the asking price.

There are some nice extras, like the sleep mode in the music player. The trio of Home screens are also well thought through, and offer plenty of flexibility.

The camera was a pleasant surprise, shooting nice quality shots outside, though it was weaker indoors.

We disliked

Web browsing is a no-go area unless you're prepared to take a somewhat hit and miss approach to larger sites loading, don't mind the small screen, or only visit mobile formatted sites.

The video recorder is a real disappointment, especially after the good things we experienced from the stills camera.

We'd have liked an FM radio for additional entertainment.

There's no front camera, so two-way video calling isn't really practical. You can do it using the rear-facing camera, but you can't see the person you're talking to if you want them to be able to see you.


The ZTE F930 is not pocket-money price, and you have the right to expect some quality features. You get them in the shape of the camera and some nicely-designed and well thought-out software.

But you lose out in a number of respects too, not least because the small screen is inhibiting for some uses.

Look back at older handsets and you'll find alternatives to rival this one such as the Samsung Monte and Nokia 5230. And some new handsets, like the recently reviewed LG Cookie Fresh, are also worth checking out.

It's not going to break the bank at £70/£80, but the ZTE F930 is still a mite expensive for the feature set it offers up.