Of course, the ZTE F930 plays music. We don't really like the way you have to horizontally scroll through a list to move between playlists, folders, albums and artists.

We found stroking this strip of icons a bit tricky because the phone kept thinking we were making a selection when we were simply trying to bring the choices that were not yet on the screen into full view.

Sound volume is fairly high through the speaker, and gets rather rough and tinny at the highest levels. Through the provided headphones, a cheap pair of flat in-ear buds, sound quality wasn't that great, but we improved it using a better set of headphones.

ZTE f930

The equaliser has a real effect on what you hear, and we'd have liked more than the four presets it offers.

ZTE f930

The music player will find album art if you have it properly organised. It has a neat little sleep mode feature too that you can set to turn off automatically after a set period of playing. It's a nice, intelligent little option that we'd like to see on more handsets.

ZTE f930

Video playback is limited to 3GP and MP4 and when we tried to play movies in these formats it managed them without any jerkiness and with reasonable sound reproduction.

The player defaults to fullscreen a few seconds after a video starts running, and you simply tap the screen to get the playback controls back up.