The battery life on the Pulse Mini is alright - the battery is a little tiny, but we expected that in a phone this size. However, we found the reason it lasted so long was that we didn't want to play with the phone, which obviously saves power.

The little things like taking an age to come out of sleep, erratic operation or poor internet mean we kept choosing not to use the phone rather than idling hours away playing pointless games or looking at nothing sites on the internet.

T Mobile pulse mini

However, if you're really up for trying out all the functions on the Pulse Mini, then you'll probably manage to get well over a day's usage out of this bad boy - but most of the time you'll manage two or more days' juice.


The usual suspects are all here on this Android-powered phone: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, 3.5mm headphone socket, HSPDA connectivity - in short, all you really need.

The Wi-Fi is pretty good - it disconnects every time you put the phone to sleep, and will tell you so when you open it back up again, but will re-connect almost instantly each time.

T Mobile pulse mini

The data side of things gets annoying, as the APN (the connection settings for 3G data) can't seem to lock on; the Pulse Mini keeps telling you something is wrong and that the settings have changed.

GPS is fast enough to connect though as we mentioned - the Navigation feature of Google Maps works well enough, and that's the hardest application on the GPS chip.