Motorola Milestone XT720 review

Is there more to the Motorola Milestone XT720 than 720p video recording?

Motorola Milestone XT720
The definitive Motorola Milestone XT720 review

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The 1390mAh battery is quoted by Motorola as good for 540 mins of talktime and 320 hours on standby but really, that's not particularly useful information for a phone like this which is going to be used for voice calls for just a small amount of time.

We found the battery did quite well at keeping the phone alive during periods of fairly harsh usage involving a good deal of Wi-Fi, video playback, and some GPS-ing too.

Motorola milestone xt720

When we kicked into the mix regular updating of our email, though, which meant quite a bit of use of 3G data, things got dodgy and at the end of each day we were well below 50 percent on the battery.

We'd always advocate a daily charge for a smartphone, but the fact is that if you are a frugal user you might make it through more than a day between charges.

Motorola milestone xt720

The GPS, incidentally, was very good indeed. It kicked in within 30 seconds of us turning on Google Maps to pinpoint our location, and did this when we were sitting a metre away from an open window. In use on the road it kept a pretty constant signal, too.

Google Maps has its own point to point navigation service these days which we generally find is very good. But if you want something else you can try the bundled Motonav software instead.

This is Motorola's own routing app, and it's on the 8GB microSD card that comes with the phone. It self-installs the first time you choose it from the apps menu and you'll need access to the web to slap in an activation code that comes to the phone, so getting started is a bit convoluted.

Motorola milestone xt720