htc tattoo

The HTC tattoo may not quite hold its own against the likes of the HTC Hero (its screen is to blame for that) and it will never take on the big boys when it comes to media playback, but for sheer functionality and ease of use, the HTC Tattoo is a winner.

We liked:

Ultimately, if the Android OS is ever going to win mass-market appeal, it is phones like the HTC Tattoo which will make this happen. Packing everything that is good about Android into a lower-cost handset just proves how good Google's operating system is. And HTC has really made its mark re-skinning the OS to make it its own, and once again the HTC Tattoo proves that Sense UI is one of the best things to happen to the mobile market for a long time.

We disliked:

The screen was lacklustre, with nowhere near the amount of zing that you get when using a capacitive rival. And when it came to the camera capabilities it was just, well, average.

It also disappointed when it came to text messaging. It's just not feasible to text quickly when the phone is in Portrait mode. You will need to flip it into landscape and even then the predictive text will try and be evil – it feels like it works against you, not with you.


The HTC Tattoo brilliantly showcases just what is great about the Android OS. It is one of the first mid-range phones on the market that you will be able to get free on a contract and not have to pay through the nose for the monthly tariff.

Couple this with the fact you can customise the handset (something that is bound to appeal to kids everywhere) and what you have is a nice and stylish device.

Also, the phone's great ability to sync with Google apps and Exchange means that it is a great option for business users.

The bottom line is: if you are interested in just what Android has to offer at a more than reasonable price bracket, then this is one Tattoo that you will not regret having.

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