HTC Rezound review

HTC keeps the beat with a little help from Dr. Dre

HTC Rezound
The Rezound brings the Beats - and the specs

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HTC Rezound

The HTC Rezound features a 1620mAh battery, which initially gave us pause. 4G LTE speeds are great, but using wireless data can suck a battery dry with remarkable speed.

Add in the built-in hotspot capabilities, and you're practically asking to be left with a dead phone halfway through the day.

HTC Rezound

But even when pushed pretty hard, downloading apps, using push email and other battery-intensive tasks, we were able to get through a workday. Once we were done playing "let's test out every feature possible" and used the phone under more real-world circumstances, we were able to make do with a nightly recharge.

HTC Rezound

If you're a gamer or heavy data user, however, you might want to pack a charging cable with you, or spring for the 2750 mAh extended battery.


As far as connectivity goes, the HTC Rezound has all the modern bells and whistles, including Bluetooth 3.0, and the MHL port, which supports not only USB charging, but also lets you output an HDMI signal to your HD TV with a MHL to HDMI adapter.